A Bold Vision to Make a Difference


Let me introduce you to the Tagged team you will talk with:
Belinda (Director) - Accessible design, remediation advice, quoting and project management.
Jason (Director) – Technical lead, tagging best practice and team training
Alex – Complex alt text, account manager, team leader and quality control.

Belinda Vesey-Brown has made a name for herself in the marketing communications industry for delivering clear, concise beautiful documents that speak volumes.

Now she’s hell-bent on delivering those clear concise beautifully designed printed messages to people who cannot see.

Three years ago, Belinda formed Brisbane-based company, TaggedPDF. Federal anti-discrimination laws had just come in requiring a heightened accessibility to web information for people who are blind or have low vision.

Surprisingly, even government departments didn’t race to comply.

It’s been a trickle that’s steadily becoming a stream as enlightened policy makers and communicators seek to capitalise on more than a basic right in Australia to be informed.

Portable Document Format (PDF) publications look great for to the sighted but for those relying on assistance technology such as screen readers, the multiple columns, charts, pictures, and fancy design are more like confusing white noise or gobbledygook. That is, unless they are well tagged.

“Tagging discerns the structure, binding information together logically rather than graphically as it may appear literally on a page,” explains Belinda.

Still not quite sure what a difference tagging makes? Watch this short video.

“TaggedPDF is the only Australian business solely dedicated to breaking down this communication barrier.

“We’re opening up a world of information contained in PDFs that are currently unreadable. We’re ensuring that the messages held in document can be heard by those who cannot see.

“We’re daring to believe we can make a difference for an informed Australia, one PDF at a time.”

Clients include the federal Department of Human Services, the NDIS, Queensland’s Department of Communities, the New South Wales Transport Department, the Royal Commission into Family Violence, several local governments and the University of New South Wales.

In its latest move, TaggedPDF has partnered with Vision Australia, the peak body lobbying for greater accessibility to information for people who are blind or have low vision.

TaggedPDF donates a percentage of every page of every document to Vision Australia to help it further its support services.

For now, TaggedPDF’s Belinda Vesey-Brown and business partner, digital specialist Jason Hawkins, are focusing on tagging. Find out about their rates, the streamlined 7-step process and bulk deals available for organisations with a lot of catch-up to do.

Belinda’s not lost sight of her origins—design—but she’s prioritising the issue of accessibility to information just as clients are.

“It can be the cleverest coolest design but if the message is lost, it’s pointless. We’re concentrating on remediating documents circulating now: the time will come soon for us to also teach best practice design.”


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